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Real estate agency online .

The online real estate sector is one of the most anticipated by the Net Economy. Not so much the real estate brokerage market, which will remain long relegated to agencies located in the territory, as for the information channel that is taking over the internet, proving to be the best tool to inform users on real estate proposals and especially for home sales .

Comparing the normal advertising vehicle, mostly represented by magazines, newspapers and newspaper ads, to the digital channel, we can see immediately that the latter has considerable advantages both on the practical side and on the economic side.

Upgrade capacity, low cost capillarity, user target and low production costs of the promotional message make internet the best information vehicle for the real estate sector. To these advantages, we can also add the multimedia aspect (photos, videos, cross-information, hypertesti, depth of information) and the possibility to filter in a short time thousands of announcements, for example if we are looking for Milan apartments  (while with the classic newspaper would only take hours to discard ads of little interest).

Not by chance, not only all the major networks have a website with internal search engine but also many small and medium agencies, even if in many cases errors of assessment (wrong technologies), poor investment of time (empty databases) emerge and lack of advertising actions.