Sany Pet: hypoallergenic foods for dogs and cats

Hypoallergenic food for dogs and cats

Sanypet has developed a line of food dogs and cat food that effectively fights the phenomenon of allergies in dogs, allergies in cats and food intolerances cats and food intolerance dogs. This line of food, which includes both dog food and cat food, is called Forza10: in fact, in the sea, and in particular in ocean fish, the company finds one of the main ingredients to produce a range of dry and wet food for dogs and cats that, like a beneficial sea storm, overwhelm the body’s illness, “sweeping away” pollution and restoring a state of total health.

A phenomenon which has become increasingly evident in the last decades, food intolerances consist in real phenomena of intoxication of the organism which, in the presence of substances recognized as harmful, produces reactions of rejection different from subject to subject. The probable origin of these phenomena has been identified in the pollution from drugs of meat of industrial origin.