Op Srl: hoses
Bucap: filing documents and electronic document management
Veneta Acciai: ball valves , safety valves
Grassi Software: lottery software lotto
Innovatica: Security and anti-theft systems
Tess Ltd., air-conditioning and air-conditioning systems in Milan


The market

The Italian insurance and financial products market is made up of about 250 insurance companies which charge about 10% of the European total in premiums [1]. Since 1 July 1994 they have freedom of decision to be fixed for policies, which has led to considerable competitiveness (especially after the condemnation of cartel agreements in the last years of the last century). Of these companies, 62% (weighed by number of employees) have somehow adopted the internet channel [2] (with a hard core of 14% that has adopted it significantly). Shortly compared to 92% in Germany and 74% in average in Europe of 7. 63% of Italian insurance companies have a website and 8% think to build it this year.

Despite this, the online consumer insurance market in Italy is the one with the highest turnover volumes with 140 million euros [3]. In fact, it accounts for 20% of total Italian consumer electronic commerce.