Cars and Accessories : companies dedicated to the automotive sector. Companies that produce and sell car components, detergent products, car import export and related services such as repairers, tire dealers, workshops.

The automotive sector in Italy has played and still plays a fundamental role for the Italian economy both in terms of employment and in terms of gross domestic product.

Alongside the Italian giants, mainly FIAT, thousands of larger and larger companies live and work in silence producing components, accessories, car interiors, braking systems, hydraulic systems, various components.

Next to FIAT, the role of Ferrari is extremely important, not so much for direct economic benefits, but above all when considered as a promotional vehicle for Made in Italy abroad.

The Internet car sector has always been considered important by all car manufacturers, so much so that all the parent companies have excellent websites, rich in multimedia content, information on security, consumption, sports competitions, associations and events that can involve customers or potential customers.