The new Mercedes-Benz range – Grand Sports Tourer!

Come and discover the new Mercedes range that incorporates the technology of the world of Gran Turismo.

Safe driving courses

Mercedes represents tradition and the vanguardin the research and development of active and passive safety.
Sandro Munari represents the value of a driver who has achieved great results in all weather conditions and on any road surface, thanks above all to the perfect symbiosis with his car.
“Sandro Munari Safe Driving for Mercedes-Benz” does not want to train racing drivers, but to combine theory with the best driving technique .
This allows you to combine safety and driving pleasure in increasingly refined cars and performance.

Mercedes Magazine

A window on ideas that open the door to a better future.
A quarterly in which culture, entertainment, economy, environment, tourism and current events come together to match the values ​​of the three-pointed star brand, a symbol of tradition and innovation at the same time.

Great signatures of Italian journalism offer editorial content expressly designed for readers of our country: a wide-ranging magazine dedicated to those for whom the car corresponds to a lifestyle.