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Race car preparation

Tuning  – Tuning Cuneo Club in FossanoThe Tuning Cuneo Club was born in Fossano in the province of Cuneo thanks to a group of enthusiasts of Auto Elaborate .

The car tuning industry is huge to investigate this site and there are also some popular tuning styles that you should be aware of. The popular ones are the German and the Dub styles. For your racing car, the tuning process is different. Whether you want to tune your race car for a race on the track or a race on the street you will need some things that a normal tuning does not offer. The tuning helps to add to the performance of the car but there are some aspects that could end up in negating the benefits of tuning. So here is what you need to be clear of when tuning your race car.

If you want to use the race car then make sure that you reduce the load on your car. The race cars that are high in performance do not have massive speakers or audio systems. These also do not have the chromed steel wheels. Many of the race cars will not have a passenger or the rear seat. This is done to keep the weight of the car as less as possible.

When the load is light then it allows the vehicle to make the most use of the transmission and engine and this results in savings and a great performance. Even if you remove the lightest of weights it helps to increase the performance of the car.

The Tuning Cuneo Club website contains:

  • Images of Tuning Meetings
  • Images of Auto Elaborate
  • Forum Tuning
  • Blog Tuning

There is a large community of tuning enthusiasts who meet in the Forum of the site that also contains a blog dedicated to current topics. On the site you will discover how to become a member of the Club Tuning Cuneo, the reference point of Tuning in the Province of Cuneo. Every year the Tuning Cuneo Club organizes the Fossano Tuning Day in Piazza Foro Boario, which has become a meeting place for many lovers of their cars. Registering for Club Tuning Cuneo means obtaining a membership card and numerous gadgets: t-shirts and logos for your own machines.