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Idyllic sceneries, fresh pure air, fragrant open-air markets with vendors selling their product with warmth and gusto – this is Tuscany for you. Some of the best art museums are located in Tuscany and you can get a glimpse of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Donatello in Florence. You can also visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa and explore the biking paths in Cortona. Of course, there is no dearth for wineries on the stunning countryside in this region of Italy. And the wonders don’t stop there, the biodiversity in this region is another attraction that draws tourists by the hordes.

And if you don’t fell in the mood for visiting any of the world famous renaissance artists or exploring the abundant nature you can just laze around, ride your motor scooters with gaiety and enjoy the late afternoon expresso at a delightful bistro.  To truly enjoy the spirit of this region of Italy you must look beyond the traditional hotels. There can be no greater pleasure after a long day of touring the countryside or a winery to return to your own spacious villa or a cozy farmhouse and enjoy a simple home-cooked meal.

Vacation rentals make a holiday more fulfilling and satiating because you can have your holiday too and yet return to home like comfort often lacking in sterile hotel rooms. There is a delightful variety in vacation rentals in Tuscany. You can choose from charming farmhouses overlooking the never-ending hills or go for a sprawling villa and live holiday king size. There are vacation homes right in the heart of the city for those who like the hustle and bustle of the square and those hidden somewhere far away on country estates. There are options for all – honeymooners, families with children and backpackers. All these rentals come with fully equipped kitchens with all the essential gadgets to help you explore your culinary skills with the freshest produce from the local markets.

Even if you are not much of a kitchen person, vacation rentals are a better choice over mundane hotels. There is an abundance of space with balconies and patios and beautiful gardens to relax. Most of the vacation rentals are not only cheaper than traditional hotels but they give you an insight into the culture of the Tuscan people.

In the search for that, the complete Tuscan experience look what I found – a website with vacation rentals that are affordable and comfortable at the same time. There are several deals and discounts on several properties too.



Located in the center of Italy, Tuscany is known for its history, culture and breathtaking landscapes; it is no wonder then that it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. Quaint rural villas, postcard-perfect farmlands, never-ending rolling hills, spellbinding scenarios every corner and the lip-smacking food concoct an intoxicating medley of experiences when you visit Tuscany.

Tuscany is not just for the art and history lover, it has physical activities like sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving too on its azure blue seas. It is a heady combination of culture and cuisine; a delightful cocktail of relaxing stays and adrenaline pumping activities. And if after a long day of sightseeing you just want to unwind and relax there is no dearth for spas here; each one is equipped with modern facilities and offers all kinds of treatments. The Tuscan Archipelago has something for everyone.

To unravel the magic of Tuscany and soak in the ambiance one must stay put for a couple of days if not months in this delightful part of Italy. Since it is not economical to stay in a hotel for extended periods of time you can check your self-catering accommodation.

It is true that the local cuisine is a gastronomical delight but with expenses constantly on the rise, for families on a holiday eating every meal out can be an expensive option and if you are traveling with kids, it is easier to cater to their specific dietary preferences in your own space than in a restaurant. Furthermore, being able to cook with the local ingredients and spices adds its own flavor to the holiday.

There is no death of self-catering accommodation in Tuscany; you can choose from whimsical farms to modern day apartments with communal facilities. You can get comfortable lodging along the sea or in the mountains. Away from the crowds, you can experience unsullied nature with endless verdant rolling hills and postcard perfect farms with rural villas or sandy beaches and azure blue bays. You can enjoy the convenience of your own home even while traveling without having to fit into the schedule of a hotel.

You can look at more info on our website or chat with us using the chat box and we will ensure that your Tuscany holiday is just as you imagined-mind-blowing. We have listed only those properties that we have inspected personally and have found to be satisfactory.

Magic Tuscany self catering apartments

If you are looking to book a hotel in Italy for your stay online then here is what you should be careful about. There are a plethora of hotel options in Italy and these cater to all the budget classes.

To begin with, you first need to decide on the location of your stay. Once that is done, you need to set a budget for your stay. The other most important thing to consider when you are booking your stay in Italy is the location of the hotel. If you plan to travel the cities by train then it pays to book a hotel close to the train station so that you do not spend extra time and money on traveling to the train stations. The good news is that Italy is well connected by train so you can use public transport which is cheap and comfortable too.

If you are booking your stay in Italy online then here is what you should do.

Know what you are looking for

You need to be clear on what you want from the hotel. Do you want to stay ina shared accommodation or a single room for yourself? Do you want the hotel to provide you with bed and breakfast or are you just looking for a stay? Once you are clear on these things then the choice becomes easy.

Make sure that you list out the amenities that you want in your hotel. Would you like to stay in accommodation with a swimming pool or gym? Or would you want a basic category of the hotel that just offers you a neat and clean space to stay in for the night?

Once you know what you are looking for you can filter it in the online booking website.

Check the website of the hotel

After you have sorted out the hotels that match your requirements, which includes the location, price, and amenities now it is time to check the website of the hotel. This is where you can check for the policies of the hotel, whether they have an in-house restaurant and which parts of the hotel are under renovation. You may want to double check the details on the website and maybe even call up the hotel to reconfirm the information provided.

Online reviews

The last step before making your booking is to check the online reviews of the hotel. The hotel may be promising you a lot but do they deliver the same? Check the same from the online reviews. These are reviews by people who have stayed at the hotel and experienced the services offered first hand.

Try this site for the best online reviews and then book the hotel of your choice.


Italy is not just for those who love food and crave for the worlds best pizzas and wines. Italy has to offer much more than that. This unique country is in the bucket list of many. So get in touch with us and we help to craft out the best itinerary to visit Italy.

With us, you get to see the hidden gems of Italy and taste the local cuisines. The country has a lot to offer from the pristine coastlines to the snow-capped mountains. You will be thrilled with the history of this country and for those who just want to relax and appreciate nature, Italy has a lot to offer to them too.

The cities in Italy offer you much more than what you can imagine. This country will lure you into visiting Italy over and over again.

Ride in a gondola in Venice

One of the most popular cities in Italy, Venice and the best visited by the honeymooners, Venice offers a highly romantic vacation. The colorful canals and the gondola rides are enough to create a romantic vibe. There is much more to do in Venice than that. Try out the best seafood and see the museums here. If you wish to do nothing then just take a ride on the Grand Canal.


Some of the scenic hiking areas can be found in Italy. So make sure that you have this in your to-do list when you visit Italy. Cinque Terry is a colorful town and it looks like the town is dangling from a cliff. The scenery that you get to see after the hike is something that you would remember for all your life.

Relax on the islands

Whether you want to go swimming or just sunbathe in the islands of Italy, the choice is yours. Thedesertedislandsof Italy is perfect for a postcard image to take back home. It is indeed a traveler’s paradise.

Visit Rome

The last but not least is the beautiful city of Rome that is also the capital of Italy. The ancient city has a very strong history that does not fail to impact. The city offers one of the best luxurious accommodation options. It also boasts of the best museum and restaurants. For the history buffs, this is a place that should not be missed.

Gatherthebestexperiences of Italy when you book the tour through us. Go to the website and choose from the fixed itinerary or get it customized by us.

World Italiano

In 1998 the open directory project was started as an alternative to the already existing yahoo directory which was human edited too. With Google entering the picture and relying on the ODP for its own google directory any business that was listed on ODP was guaranteed better visibility on Google. Since then the open directory project is the most important directory on which even the biggest of search engines like Google, AOL search, Bing and now even Alexa depended for information. It is a multilingual directory maintained by volunteer editors and that is why sometimes your listing gets delayed because these volunteers might not have had the time to update the directory. One interesting thing to note about the ODP is that because it is edited by humans, Google relies on it, and it is not just google almost all search engines use the listings on this directory. Thus, being listed on the directory improved a websites search engine rankings too thereby increasing traffic to the site.

This directory was designed to present and report corporate, tourist and non-profit sites in a synthetic and fast way. The sections are destined to increase in a specialized manner as new sites will be reported and the directory will become more substantial.

For a search on the web uses Open Directory Project, the largest cataloged resource of online websites, the result of the work of thousands of volunteer editors. Select the category of interest or use the search box.

All kinds of websites and blogs can get listed in this directory. But you must take care that you don’t spam because then your website will never see the light of day. Almost all websites get listed if they are free of any offensive language or content.

To be listed on this directory one must have patience as the editors are human there will be a delay in uploading your listing; sometimes the delay can last almost six months. It cannot be reiterated enough that resubmission will risk rejection.

You can submit material in any category; in fact, you can resubmit your website if you have a second category with relevant and useful information.

If your website has regional content then you can submit it under the regional listing. Thus, if you want to submit your website on your hotel by the Adriatic Sea your website must have information on what are the places of interest in the region, what are the best local eateries, supermarkets, transport options, what is the climate etc. Your website can feature blogs on the local cuisine, culture, nightlife, flora, and fauna – basically anything that will interest visitors and this will ensure that the website is recognized by Google search engines and it will get more visibility. But in case your website is not listed here you can check out other directories which are equally relevant. Click here for more information on these directories.


Each and every woman even man is concerned about their health and beauty and if they feed inside with healthy foods, they can stay healthy outside.  In order to lead a healthy and successful life, you need to be strong with proper diet and also avoiding the bad habits is necessary.  There are many site here on the internet, which offers many suggestions and tips to have a healthy lifestyle so that you can read and refer those tips to have a successful life.

Let us see a few tips and suggestions for having a healthy life;

  • When you are planning for your meals try to include a variety of foodstuff like fruit juices, veg salads, delicious ice-cream, whole grain dishes, nuts etc. If you plan for healthy meals try to include fruits and vegetables always without which, you can never achieve a healthy diet.
  • When you are preparing for your meals, carbohydrate-rich foods should be the base on your diet so that you can derive sufficient energy for the physical activities and also to do other jobs.
  • Never include unsaturated fatty acids on your diet due to the harmful effects of these unsaturated fatty acids. Instead, you can add saturated fatty acid which will be easy to digest and provide sufficient fat intake too.
  • As mention already, fruits and vegetables along with whole grains and protein-rich foods serve the needs of the growing adult and it supplies the required nutrients to the body.
  • Reduce your salt as well as sugar intake and this may be due to the harmful effects caused by the salt and sugar leading to increased blood pressure and diabetes. Though there are numerous medicines and treatment available to treat the condition, it is necessary to prevent before it occurs since you can reduce its effects through treatment and medicine but you cannot cure it completely.
  • A regular meal ensures good digestion and if you are not regular in following your diet you may end up with health problems like improper hormone secretion, digestion problems etc.
  • Whatever the season may be, it is necessary to drink enough water and fluids so that you can stay hydrated. You may suffer a lot when you dehydrate like having dry skin, cracks and cramps on your skin, heat boils etc.  In order to avoid these problems, drink plenty of fluids.
  • Concentrate on your health with physical exercises since it provides enough flexibility to your body and also helps to stretch whenever necessary.
  • Apart from following a healthy diet, allocate some time for relaxation either by listening to music or going for body spa which helps you in relaxing from the stressful situation.

Hotel Miramonti – Beauty farm: relaxation, health, and beauty

Itinerario turistico montano

A journey to discover a territory of great charm but little known. A tourist itinerary, the one “designed” by the Montedonico Tribucco mountain community, which finally highlights the extraordinary scenic and historical-artistic beauties of eight towns in the agro nolano area.

Life is a challenging journey. We have many aspects striking our day to day lives uncertainty. We risk our belongings to get rid of tough situations and live happily. But, we have daunting situations coming into our routine every day. Life gets monotonous in this manner. We look for ways to get normal and forget anything that leaves us sad. What can be a satisfying and happier way to resolve?

A long drive will be an immediate resort. A short trip can be a relieving factor and a well planned long trip can be highly energizing. It is a great soothing experience that can drive us crazy. We will have to plan a well-coordinated trip that can be an interesting experience. What can help us in this regard? A well-drafted itinerary is just the only solution.

It serves a lot of purpose. One, that it gives an idea of whether the place is completely useful and worth the visit in a glance. We can start exhibiting the important requirements by just looking at it. Secondly, we can plan on our financial commitments. This will give us a great experience going forward. We will have a satisfying place in our lives when it comes with comfortable finance. It is just cost effective and beneficial like the Artroser.

One another reason that holds importance is the advanced planning that can be just done. We always make a mistake by going to the place and then start thinking about what can be the best plan for the next couple of days. This will be a waste of time and we will not be able to make effective decisions because we will make it with a hurry without researching about the places there in it. With a good itinerary, we will get to know about all the places that come ahead of us and that which will be a surprising experience. We will get to know the complete details and help us restrain from unwanted places. We can decide on the places of stay, visit and food well in advance and even pay for it. It will help us enjoy the trip without any burden.

Life is short, so plan and enjoy a trip to the core. Life gets exciting during such wonderful times amidst tough schedules. It is better to plan and visit than to ruin the less time that we get between our difficult times.

It starts from Palma Campania, the gateway to the area, and then visit Carbonara di Nola, Liveri, San Paolo Belsito, Visciano, Casamarciano and Tufino. Last stop, Roccarainola. To promote the itinerary properly, Montedonico Tribucco has adopted an integrated communication system, unique among the mountain communities of Campania.

Metodi Efficaci Per Avere Un Sistema Digestivo Sano

Metodi Efficaci Per Avere Un Sistema Digestivo Sano

Il sistema digestivo sano dipende dal vostro stile di vita e la dieta. Metabolismo cambia con l’età e si deve prendere la vostra dieta di conseguenza. La digestione impropria porta a gonfiore, formazione di gas, aumento dell’acidità e movimenti intestinali irregolari. Tutti pensano che non sia sotto il nostro controllo, ma non è vero. Cambiando alcuni stili di vita nella dieta e adattando l’attività fisica sistema digestivo può essere migliorato in modo efficiente. I nutrienti possono essere completamente consegnati e assorbiti dal sistema digestivo e la salute generale viene mantenuta e la sostanza di scarto indesiderato sarà escreta.

Quando si mantiene il sistema digestivo pulito allora non ci sarà alcun problema in esso funzionamento. Prova questi seguenti metodi efficaci per ottenere un sistema digestivo sano.

  1. bevi molta acqua

Per la digestione, l’acqua è trovata come uno essenziale. Quindi solo il cibo solido può essere digerito e le sostanze nutritive vengono assorbite bene. A causa della mancanza di acqua, l’intero processo digestivo diminuisce e poi conduce alla condizione chiamata disidratazione. Poi segue la diminuzione della pressione sanguigna che porta alla stitichezza. Devi bere un bicchiere d’acqua subito dopo il risveglio dal letto. Il digiuno o la festa si traduce nell’acidità aumentata e nel gonfiore allo stomaco. A quel tempo hanno acqua tiepida con un cucchiaio di miele. L’acido viene diluito bevendo e si muove ulteriormente. Questo dovrebbe essere seguito mentre si è a digiuno. L’ articolo in alto sui siti Web ha menzionato che si dovrebbe bere almeno 3 litri di acqua per un giorno per idratare l’intestino. Attraverso il quale il cibo può essere digerito facilmente ed eliminato.

  1. identificare ed evitare gli alimenti che irritano il tratto digestivo

Il sistema digestivo della gente varia da uno all’altro. Si può tollerare più quantità di spezie nel loro cibo, mentre altri non possono tollerare quel livello. Cibi più speziati porteranno ad un’ulcera. È, quindi, necessario capire il tipo di alimenti che si possono digerire e mangiare secondo questo. Peperone rosso, spezie, caffeina, alcool e la dieta contenente una quantità elevata di zuccheri e grassi sono gli elenchi delle sostanze alimentari che non sono adatte a tutte le persone. È consigliabile sia evitare o bilanciare l’assunzione di questi alimenti per avere un sistema digestivo sano.

  1. Includi la fibra nella tua dieta

Includere tutti gli alimenti di fibra ricchi di contenuto di fibra come cereali integrali, avena, noci, foglie verdi, un sacco di frutta e verdura. Aiuta il sistema gastrointestinale a lavorare senza intoppi.




Modi per bandire le tue borse gonfie sotto l’occhio

Modi per bandire le tue borse gonfie sotto l’occhio

 Molte persone hanno gonfio sotto gli occhi borse. Il motivo del gonfiore è dovuto principalmente alla dieta che ha aumentato il livello di sodio e la circolazione linfatica compromessa. L’assunzione dell’alta quantità di sodio sotto forma di sale provoca la ritenzione di acqua nei tessuti della pelle e provoca gonfiore. I fattori genetici coinvolti anche nella formazione di borse sotto gli occhi che peggiorano e si indeboliscono con l’età. Si potrebbe sentire che si sta guardando più vecchio e poco attraente. Ti farà stanco e assonnato. Nei siti web top articolo relativo al trattamento di sotto Eye bags è dato. Il gonfio sotto gli occhi borse può essere facilmente cancellato in casa per mezzo di soluzioni semplici. Continua a leggere i seguenti modi per bandire il tuo sotto gli occhi.

  1. frenare il sale nella dieta

Il sale contiene il sodio e ha le proprietà di ritenzione idrica. Se viene preso in eccesso rispetto al livello normale, allora il fluido viene conservato nei tessuti e dà l’aspetto gonfio. Quando si prende la cena contenente più sale si traduce nel gonfiore dell’occhio al mattino.

  1. utilizzare neti pot

Sembra di sembrare una piccola teiera attraverso la quale l’acqua salata può essere versata in una narice e questo può essere drenato attraverso un’altra narice. L’uso di fare come questo è quello di svuotare tutta l’umidità in eccesso nei seni a causa di freddo e allergie.

  1. modificare la posizione del sonno

Se sei un dormiente dello stomaco allora dovresti saperlo. Si traduce nella raccolta di fluido sotto l’occhio a causa della gravità. Quindi devi dormire sulla schiena per evitare questo e avere un cuscino extra alla testa. Dà un miglioramento ai tuoi occhi.

  1. rimuovere il trucco prima di andare a letto

Se si sta andando a letto senza rimuovere il trucco, poi al mattino si otterrà gonfiore negli occhi. È dovuto alla formazione di acqua nell’occhio a causa del trucco. Ogni notte lavare il viso con sapone.

  1. prendere nutrienti di bellezza vitamina C ed e, Omega-3 deve essere assunto nella dieta. Dona luminosità e lavora con l’idratazione.
  2. maschere per gli occhi con cetriolo è uno dei segreti di bellezza per gli occhi gonfi. Tagliare una fetta sottile di cetriolo organico e tenerlo sopra l’occhio per 15 minuti al giorno. Dà un risultato migliore.






















Top Tips To Avoid Snacks Temptation

Top Tips To Avoid Snacks Temptation

Chocolates, pastries, and fries always make us eat more.  The color and flavor of snacks and junk foods always make us run behind these.  It is all the more difficult to avoid (or) reduce the consumption of these.  But by following the tips given in this informative post you can easily cut on them:

  1. Eat fruits first: Before every meal, make it a practice to eat a cup of fruits first.  Keep the snacks, dessert and ice cream as the last ones.  That way you will have low free space in the stomach.  So you naturally eat less of these items.  Also, you can avoid indigestion.  You can get nutrients necessary for the body by consuming more fruits.
  2. Avoid visiting specific outlets which addict you: Find out your top food weakness.  If you can avoid these half the battle is won.  If going to a particular mall makes you visit a food outlet and eat more junks, avoid going to that mall itself.
  3. Have a snack budget: Restrict your daily spending on the snack.  You can stay healthy and rich too.  This will also ensure that you do not indulge in snacks beyond a certain level.
  4. Writing down your health goals: Write down your health goals in a paper.  Paste the paper at a prominent place.  Read them daily.  This will make your inner mind avoid temptations.
  5. Know the benefits of avoiding snacks: There are multiple benefits of avoiding junk food and snacks.  You can avoid a long list of diseases.  You can stay slim and beautiful.  People will love being near you.  Knowing these will make sure that you can stick on to a healthy diet.
  6. 6. Fear impact: Watch videos and blogs which speak on the negative impact of eating junk and snacks.  This will automatically alert your fear instincts.
  7. Go for healthy substitutes: Another alternative is that you can go for healthy substitutes instead of snacks and junk food.  For example, you can use air fryer to reduce oil usage.  You can choose to eat nuts instead of sweets.    They give the same satisfaction to your taste buds with the same crunch and flavor.  But they are less harmful than sweets.
  8. Snack holiday: It is tough to avoid snacks altogether.  But you can cut them 100% on a particular day of a week.  Gradually you can increase the snack holiday to two or three days.  You can completely fast on Sundays when you are likely to stay at home.









Top Tips per evitare spuntini tentazione

Cioccolatini, pasticcini e patatine fritte ci fanno sempre mangiare di più.  Il colore e il sapore di spuntini e cibi spazzatura sempre ci fanno correre dietro questi.  È ancora più difficile da evitare (o) ridurre il consumo di questi.  Ma seguendo i suggerimenti forniti in questo post informativo si può facilmente tagliare su di loro:

  1. mangiare la frutta prima: prima di ogni pasto, fare una pratica per mangiare una tazza di frutta prima. Mantenere gli spuntini, dessert e gelati come gli ultimi. In questo modo si avrà basso spazio libero nello stomaco.  Così si mangia naturalmente meno di questi elementi.  Inoltre, è possibile evitare l’indigestione.  È possibile ottenere i nutrienti necessari per il corpo consumando più frutti.
  2. Evita di visitare punti vendita specifici che ti tossicodipendenti: Scopri la tua debolezza alimentare superiore. Se si può evitare queste metà della battaglia è vinta. Se andare in un particolare centro commerciale ti fa visitare una presa di cibo e mangiare più giunchi, evitare di andare a quel centro commerciale stesso.
  3. avere un budget spuntino: limitare la spesa giornaliera per lo spuntino. Si può rimanere sani e ricchi troppo. Questo garantirà anche che non indulgere in spuntini oltre un certo livello.
  4. Annotare i tuoi obiettivi di salute: Scrivi i tuoi obiettivi di salute in un giornale. Incollare la carta in un luogo prominente. Leggili tutti i giorni.  Questo renderà la vostra mente interiore evitare le tentazioni.
  5. 5. conoscere i vantaggi di evitare spuntini: ci sono molteplici vantaggi di evitare cibo spazzatura e spuntini. È possibile evitare una lunga lista di malattie. Puoi rimanere magra e bella.  La gente amerà essere vicino a te.  Sapendo che questi farà in modo che si può attaccare a una dieta sana.
  6. paura impatto: Guarda i video e Blog che parlano sull’impatto negativo di mangiare spazzatura e spuntini. Questo avvertirà automaticamente i tuoi istinti di paura.
  7. andare per sostituti sani: un’altra alternativa è che si può andare per sostituti sani invece di spuntini e cibo spazzatura. Ad esempio, è possibile utilizzare l’aria friggitrice per ridurre l’utilizzo di olio. Si può scegliere di mangiare noci invece di dolci.    Danno la stessa soddisfazione per le vostre papille gustative con lo stesso crunch e sapore.  Ma sono meno dannosi dei dolci.
  8. vacanza spuntino: è difficile evitare spuntini del tutto. Ma puoi tagliarli 100% in un particolare giorno di una settimana. Gradualmente si può aumentare la vacanza spuntino a due o tre giorni.  Si può completamente veloce la domenica quando si rischia di rimanere a casa.