Located in the center of Italy, Tuscany is known for its history, culture and breathtaking landscapes; it is no wonder then that it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. Quaint rural villas, postcard-perfect farmlands, never-ending rolling hills, spellbinding scenarios every corner and the lip-smacking food concoct an intoxicating medley of experiences when you visit Tuscany.

Tuscany is not just for the art and history lover, it has physical activities like sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving too on its azure blue seas. It is a heady combination of culture and cuisine; a delightful cocktail of relaxing stays and adrenaline pumping activities. And if after a long day of sightseeing you just want to unwind and relax there is no dearth for spas here; each one is equipped with modern facilities and offers all kinds of treatments. The Tuscan Archipelago has something for everyone.

To unravel the magic of Tuscany and soak in the ambiance one must stay put for a couple of days if not months in this delightful part of Italy. Since it is not economical to stay in a hotel for extended periods of time you can check your self-catering accommodation.

It is true that the local cuisine is a gastronomical delight but with expenses constantly on the rise, for families on a holiday eating every meal out can be an expensive option and if you are traveling with kids, it is easier to cater to their specific dietary preferences in your own space than in a restaurant. Furthermore, being able to cook with the local ingredients and spices adds its own flavor to the holiday.

There is no death of self-catering accommodation in Tuscany; you can choose from whimsical farms to modern day apartments with communal facilities. You can get comfortable lodging along the sea or in the mountains. Away from the crowds, you can experience unsullied nature with endless verdant rolling hills and postcard perfect farms with rural villas or sandy beaches and azure blue bays. You can enjoy the convenience of your own home even while traveling without having to fit into the schedule of a hotel.

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