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When choosing your vacation let magic, Tuscany is your first choice for Italy.

There are many reasons why you should book your vacation through a local tour agent. The internet gives you all the information to plan your vacation well. Most of us thus think that just by browsing on the internet we get access to every information that one should possibly have to travel to a location. But that may not be the complete truth.

The tour agents book in bulk and thus they are able to enjoy better rates than you. The online flight bookings and online hotel bookings seem to be a good bargain but the truth is that if you book through a reputed tour agent then these turn out to be even less because of the tour agent enjoys discounted rates from the flight or the hotel booking company. This is because the tour agents are able to give the website a bulk business and this is their reward which gets passed down to you when you book through the agent.

Also, the tour agent who is arranging for the vacation knows the in and out of the locality. They are thus more knowledgeable about the locals than you are. This helps in many ways. First, you are not up for any surprises which are highly likely if you book the tour all by yourself. The tour agent guide you all throughout and thus you always have peace of mind when you travel and this is what vacationing is all about.

Also they able to suggest to you some offbeat destinations that you may have not known. The tour agents have personally traveled to those places and they thus know which places are actually worth visiting. If you want the real feel of the locality then the tour agency can also arrange for some special tours like touring in the local villages or some cooking classes where you get to know about the culture of the place much better.

All these make it very economical to book through a tour agent. You do not necessarily have to follow their fixed itinerary. Just do a simple search on the internet and list down the experiences that you want in a certain destination. List down things that you would probably want to do when you are there. Ask the tour agent to make a rough itinerary for you. You have the flexibility to include and leave out the things that you may not want and then find out the best plan that suits you.

if you decie to combine your vacation with other activities we can organise