Op Srl: hoses
Bucap: filing documents and electronic document management
Veneta Acciai: ball valves , safety valves
Grassi Software: lottery software
Innovatica: Security and anti-theft systems


Furniture and furnishings: companies in the furniture and furniture sector, furniture design, interior furnishings, nautical furnishings. This category also includes materials and techniques of furniture construction, furniture decoration, history and furniture styles. Furniture production in Italy is one of the richest in terms of quality throughout Italy.

The main exports of the mobile sector concern above all the Classic segment, with handmade reproductions of antique furniture, all strictly handmade, especially in the Piedmont region.


Gift ideas design

On escandic.it you will find many gift ideas for your home, precious Scandinavian design objects. All the proposed objects have been chosen from the production of designers and industries known for their quality, and for a linear and essential design that never forgets the functionality.

Along with the functionality, one must consider affordability through the current generation does not cringe over the cost; the millennials are willing to try the most expensive designs. This new trend is a shot in the arm for designers and they are not leaving any stone unturned to come up with designs that “wow.” It is, thus, no wonder that not only chairs and sofas are available in interesting designs but the accompanying accessories are coming in a variable material and in unique designs, colors, and patterns. It is no more a struggle to hunt for the best designs as it has become extremely easy to shop for furniture with online websites like ours offers a plethora of choice from renowned Scandinavian designers. You can get more details in the full report at the end of the article.

Danish, Swedish, Finnish design furnishing accessories; Modern ceiling lamps, table and wall, natural fiber rugs, Christmas decorations, modern wooden toys, kitchen accessories, tea sets, gift items.

On escandic.it there are the most prestigious Scandinavian design brands: Tonfisk design, Playsam design, Rosendahl products, to name just a few. Join escandic.it and find out how easy it is to find original and unique gift ideas.

Escandic.it is a site that speaks of Scandinavian design, but not only: you can find news, trivia, tips for travelers, news. Do you want to know how Lego bricks are produced? Or how many Icelanders believe the elves? On escandic.it you will find this and much more.