Research Companies online

Research Companies online


For any business to become famous and grow steadily advertisement is essential. In days gone by, advertisements were given in television, radio and the print media but currently we live in the era of social media and unless you have a presence on the internet your business is practically nonexistent. The best method to make your presence known is to advertise on trade directories. By doing this, you will reach your target audience in no time at all and very economically.

These directories are nothing but catalogs of websites. Just like the directories of erstwhile listed information about businesses and people, the web directories list information about websites. In directory information is arranged into categories and subcategories. Most of the directories contain all information of the complete website and are not restricted to one individual page.

You can build your own directory as well; there are several companies that build directory-based websites and apps to help businesses grow. A competent directory builder will ensure that there is no clutter in your website and there is a steady flow of traffic.

But with the ever-expanding world wide web, it is becoming hard for directories with limited editorial staff to cope up with the sheer number of sites. The need of the hour is a directory with a vast almost ending source of editors to produce a comprehensive list of websites. The open directory project was started with this ideal in mind.


This directory was designed to present and report corporate, tourist and non-profit sites in a synthetic and fast way. The sections are destined to increase in a specialized manner as new sites will be reported and the directory will become more substantial.

For a search on the web uses Open Directory Project , the largest cataloged resource of online websites, the result of the work of thousands of volunteer editors. Select the category of interest or use the search box.



Abruzzo , Tourism Romagna , Tourism Sicily , Tourism Sardinia ,
Services Production 
Services Tuscany , facilities ,
Food , Jewels ,
Outdoor Garden Furniture , Real Estate Agency
Transportation of 
motorcycles and bikes , boating , cars and accessories ,
High Tech 
Mobile Phones , Data Recovery , Software ,
Plastic Surgery
Hotel Abruzzo 
Hotel Venice , Hotel Toscana , Hotel Romagna ,
Finance ,
Computer Networking , Computer Networking ,
Adv & Marketing