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In 1998 the open directory project was started as an alternative to the already existing yahoo directory which was human edited too. With Google entering the picture and relying on the ODP for its own google directory any business that was listed on ODP was guaranteed better visibility on Google. Since then the open directory project is the most important directory on which even the biggest of search engines like Google, AOL search, Bing and now even Alexa depended for information. It is a multilingual directory maintained by volunteer editors and that is why sometimes your listing gets delayed because these volunteers might not have had the time to update the directory. One interesting thing to note about the ODP is that because it is edited by humans, Google relies on it, and it is not just google almost all search engines use the listings on this directory. Thus, being listed on the directory improved a websites search engine rankings too thereby increasing traffic to the site.

This directory was designed to present and report corporate, tourist and non-profit sites in a synthetic and fast way. The sections are destined to increase in a specialized manner as new sites will be reported and the directory will become more substantial.

For a search on the web uses Open Directory Project, the largest cataloged resource of online websites, the result of the work of thousands of volunteer editors. Select the category of interest or use the search box.

All kinds of websites and blogs can get listed in this directory. But you must take care that you don’t spam because then your website will never see the light of day. Almost all websites get listed if they are free of any offensive language or content.

To be listed on this directory one must have patience as the editors are human there will be a delay in uploading your listing; sometimes the delay can last almost six months. It cannot be reiterated enough that resubmission will risk rejection.

You can submit material in any category; in fact, you can resubmit your website if you have a second category with relevant and useful information.

If your website has regional content then you can submit it under the regional listing. Thus, if you want to submit your website on your hotel by the Adriatic Sea your website must have information on what are the places of interest in the region, what are the best local eateries, supermarkets, transport options, what is the climate etc. Your website can feature blogs on the local cuisine, culture, nightlife, flora, and fauna – basically anything that will interest visitors and this will ensure that the website is recognized by Google search engines and it will get more visibility. But in case your website is not listed here you can check out other directories which are equally relevant. Click here for more information on these directories.