Castelli Romani Restaurant: for a special day, choose an impeccable service!

Are you looking for a restaurant on the Castelli Romani? Choose Il Castellaccio! 

Professionalism, attention to detail, elegance : all this is Il Castellaccio, a restaurant on the Castelli Romani that collects tradition and international cuisine and boasts the preparations of masters of the kitchen, which have made their passion a real profession .

An Italian holiday is not complete if you have not tasted the local cuisine. While you can enjoy the pizzas and lasagnas anywhere, only select restaurants have the more exclusive stuff like the ribollita, a hearty soup full with the goodness of vegetables sans the meat. Then there is the world-famousossobuco, a veal shank cooked slowly in meat broth with wine and vegetables. Find out here now about one of the best restaurants in town.

A good restaurant is not just about the quality of food but also the presentation, the ambiance, the service and of course the pricing. A good restaurant is about giving you an opportunity to celebrate special moments in its premises; it is about space, facilities and customer service. Even if the food in a restaurant is good but it is not hygienic or not accommodative to your special requests then it loses its charm and will not be popular.

At Castellaccio you will not encounter any problems with the ambiance or the quality of food and service.  This family restaurant specializes in wines and meat; their vegetarian menu is delightful. Sticking to the traditional forms of cooking the chef’s specialties include herb filled fresh ravioli, guinea fowl and stuffed meat cooked slowly for that perfect finish. They believe in taking the community along with them in their journey had procured cheeses, fruits, berries, and honey from the neighboring farms.

It is not just the food that enthralls the patrons but the spacious interiors beautifully adorned with motifs and artwork the Castellaccio is a favorite of visitors to Castelli  Romani.

The Castellaccio has always been one of the best restaurants on the Castelli Romani and features:


  • conditioned air
  • three elegant rooms for ceremonies and weddings
  • large equipped park
  • secure parking                                                                                                                                                                                                      The following are the features you need to consider while choosing a restaurant;
  • When you want to choose the restaurant for any of the functions or for any official meetings, you need to consider certain options like space, food, its taste, the service provided etc. Many websites provide a lot of information regarding the available restaurants and any of this hyperlink related with the hotels will be helpful for those who are in search of a perfect one for their need.

    Consider these features for an ideal one;

    • The location of the restaurant should be easily accessible. It should be accessible by you as well as for others so that they will not find any difficulty in searching for it.
    • Consider the food, music and the decoration since it matters a lot when you want to book a restaurant. In some places, food provided will not be up to the mark but the place and environment inside will be pleasant.  But in some places, they concentrate on each and every aspect and want to be the best one like Castellaccio.
    • In some restaurants, they also provide the best food at a reasonable price. But in some restaurants, it is not so, the price may be little higher than the taste and quality of the food.  You can refer your friends before booking a table in order to find the best restaurants which provide the food with its best value too.
    • Think about the service offered by the restaurants in which some offers the unique services which are memorable even if you have visited once to the restaurants. Hence look for the excellent service which will make you and others feel superior.
    • The foremost thing you need to consider is the hygiene maintained in the restaurant. In some restaurants when you look at the kitchen, you will never eat since it looks messy and they will not maintain the equipment and the vessels in a hygienic way.
    • Before booking a table, you can also try out directly about the food, quality, and hygiene, price by visiting the restaurant one or more.

Ideal for any occasion, from business lunches, to banquets for ceremonies, weddings or receptions, the restaurant at the Castelli Romani Il Castellaccio always offers an elegant and refined atmosphere , a cuisine at the highest level and impeccable service .