Castelli Romani

The Castelli Romani is a district of sixteen countries, located a few kilometers from Rome in the South-East direction. Area full of enchanting places and with breathtaking panoramic views. In the heart of the Castelli Romani is the Natural Park of the Castelli Romani, a protected area of ​​particular naturalistic interest.
The geographical area is also distinguished by its typical products (the porchetta of Ariccia, the bread and porcini mushrooms of Lariano, the chestnuts of Rocca di Papa, the strawberries of Nemi, the wine of Frascati).

Castelli Romani Restaurant

Il Castellaccio restaurant

High quality chefs, courtesy and enthusiasm distinguish “Il Castellaccio”, a characteristic restaurant with specialties of international cuisine.
The restaurant located in the heart of the Castelli Romani, has ample parking and a green park accessible during receptions, banquets and ceremonies.

It is essential to choose the site which is more accessible and should be in between the heart of the city like Castelli Romani which is the best hotel around that city and when you are starting a restaurant take clues from this hotel.  To know better, click here for info column on the official website which serves to know the different varieties offered, different unique features of the restaurant etc.

When you are about to start the restaurant, these are the things to be considered in choosing a site;

  • You need to do a market study about the particular location in which you need to find out whether it has any transportation facility, about the competitors etc. in order to understand the pros and cons of the particular location so that you can establish your restaurant in a perfect way.
  • The restaurant or the site should be in front may be on the main road and not so interior in which people keep the restaurant in mind if it is located on the main road.
  • If it is a ground floor well and good but never choose the site either in the first or second floor since it lacks visibility and many people does not know when it is located if it is in the rooftop.
  • Parking of vehicles both the two-wheeler and four-wheeler should be considered since parking is one of the additional features of the restaurant preferred by many of the customers.
  • The size of the restaurant also convenient and able to accommodate as many it can since it will add an advantage to your restaurant.
  • It should be within your budget and it should not exceed the limit you have decided to purchase the site or the building.

The Roman castles restaurant also has rooms for meetings, events and business lunches.