Information on Puglia

The Monti della Daunia, with the valleys that open towards the Pugliese Tavoliere and the big villages gathered on the heights, are part of an internal and Apennine Italy, even though so open to the Adriatic breath, in which they already see lights and Ionic, oriental hints. Apennine Italy has a thin, poor face, made painful by the decadence of men and things, but also ennobled by the antiquity of human signs and by that full Mediterranean light that seems to give preciousness to every thing touched by the sun.

When you like to tour any one of the international locations especially Italy you need to consider the following things before starting your journey;

  • The dinner time differs from one country to the other and in Italy; the dinner starts around 7.30 or even late, unlike the other countries.
  • Each part of Italy has some different varieties of food and cooked with different ingredients. Try these new varieties along with the usual one like meatballs, risotto, pizza etc.
  • Italy has many tourist spots and you should never miss out the artwork in Italy since it is one of the famous spots over there.
  • Tours and travels are organized by many of the traveling agents and try this website for better information about Italy, the expenses you need to do for the entire tour package including food, accommodation and visiting the spot etc.
  • Many public restrooms are available in Italy where you can make use of it when you are uncomfortable.
  • You need to plan a day to spend some quality time in Venice but never go by metro since it is complicated to understand.
  • Also, plan a day to visit a Vatican city where you love to be there for a longer duration of time as you have mesmerized with the artwork which represents the traditional culture and values of the older people.
  • Try to find out the best restaurants in Italy so that you can have a good time without facing many difficulties and you can feel at home when you choose the best restaurant over there.

Troia is, for example, a town that, although old and falling, has its license of nobility in the name of the legendary Dauni who founded it and in the old cathedral, an “oriental” interpretation of an architectural ideal of Tyrrhenian derivation;¬†Lucera, which dominates the Capitanata, will hold even greater surprises and her visit translates into a small but tasty cultural adventure that reveals the lively and varied history layered in her old buildings.