Hotel Veneto

In the international language of art, to say “Veneto” is equivalent to saying “color”. An entire figurative culture built on color. So discovering the places and the art of the Veneto means to range in the shades of color, in the harmony of light and in the balance of forms. A sensitivity, that of the Venetians, determined perhaps just by the atmospheric characteristics, the variety of tones and the ranges of this land.

To know better about the Venice, you need to gain knowledge about the history of the Venice since it is Unique with its features and people love to be there one of the best places in the world to spend quality time in Venice.

When you refer the history of Venice, the people called Celtic people lived near the coast of Northeast and many were Romans till the invasion of Attila.  Some people, who lived near the coast, due to the invasion of Attila, have shifted their place from the coast into the Village and started to settle there.  In the same way, many people right from the Lombards, Attila, started to invade Venice.

Meanwhile, it was established as one of the trading centers of many items and gradually many people started to shift to the nearby places due to increase trade and port facility.  Many ships were in the trade which helps to import and export of goods to many places.

Due to increase trade options and the other facility, it attracted many people and finally ended with wars.  A lot of people were killed during the wars in order to avoid slavery.  But it was a horrible period for Venice unless and until it was relieved from the superiority of the well-known people who want to make use of the trading benefit of Venice.

But now, due to their hard work and influence of many civilizations, it gained an advantage as one of the best tourist spots to be visited once in a life journey. Never miss out the opportunity to go and cherish the beauty of this place.

An attitude that develops in this region, over the centuries, through the influence of many civilizations rich in history and culture: from the Paleolithic to the pre-Roman and Roman societies, from the medieval rigor of the renaissance euphoria, from the seventeenth-century inventiveness, to a golden eighteenth century, from the mid-European atmospheres of the nineteenth century to the expressions of modern and contemporary culture.
An artistic tale of extreme wealth spread in the great cities of Veneto as in small towns, in the countryside, even in pleasant and remote places, but not forgotten by the ingenuity and sensibility of distinguished artists and hardworking artisans.