In the international language of art, to say “Veneto” is equivalent to saying “color”. An entire figurative culture built on color. So discovering the places and the art of the Veneto means to range in the shades of color, in the harmony of light and in the balance of forms. A sensitivity, that of the Venetians, determined perhaps just by the atmospheric characteristics, the variety of tones and the ranges of this land.

An attitude that develops in this region, over the centuries, through the influence of many civilizations rich in history and culture: from the Paleolithic to the pre-Roman and Roman societies, from the medieval rigor of the renaissance euphoria, from the seventeenth-century inventiveness, to a golden eighteenth century, from the mid-European atmospheres of the nineteenth century to the expressions of modern and contemporary culture.
An artistic tale of extreme wealth spread in the great cities of Veneto as in small towns, in the countryside, even in pleasant and remote places, but not forgotten by the ingenuity and sensibility of distinguished artists and hardworking artisans.